CBD Flower: The New Way to Get Your CBD

CBD Flower: The New Way to Get Your CBD

CBD Flower is becoming very popular these days. With the legalization of hemp in the 2018 Farm Bill, many people are realizing the benefits of CBD for the first time. Needle Rock CBD Flower is available online and meets all the standards of the 2018 Farm Bill.

8 300x300 - CBD Flower: The New Way to Get Your CBDWhat is the best way to take CBD Flower?

With CBD in the spotlight for its many health benefits, more people are curious to know if smoking hemp is the best way to gain access to those healthy CBD cannabinoids.

CBD flowers have been quite the success story in cases of tobacco reduction, pharmaceutical reduction, as a THC supplement, and to help wind down after a long day.

But you don’t only have to smoke CBD flowers. You can also vape them. Smoking or vaping CBD hemp flower could be for you, although there are a few caveats.

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CBD Hemp Flower vs Cannabis Flower

The terms hemp and cannabis have been used interchangeably throughout history, and up until last year they were both were considered Schedule 1 drugs.

The hemp and cannabis plants are basically cousins. The hemp plant grows taller and narrower than the cannabis indica and sativa plants. Hemp plants are also thinner and have fewer leaves than the cannabis plant. Cannabis plants are typically shorter and wider than hemp.

Although both the hemp and cannabis plants create flowers that may contain both THC and CBD, by law hemp plants are limited to THC levels of 0.3% dry weight.

Hemp often has a smaller terpene profile than cannabis and because of that may not be quite as effective as smoking cannabis. More studies are required to tell for sure.

CBD Versus Hemp What%E2%80%99s the Difference  - CBD Flower: The New Way to Get Your CBD

Vaping CBD Hemp Flower

Hemp is generally used for industrial purposes. Many new cultivators, however, have been able to cultivate beautiful CBD rich flowers even though they are still legally classified as hemp.

Inhalation is one of the best methods for people to consume cannabis and it is also one of the fastest. Inhaling CBD put it in contact with your bloodstream quicker than ingestion of other means of consumption.

Inhaling CBD flower puts it in direct contact with your lung’s alveoli, which then transfer the cannabinoid straight into your bloodstream.

To feel the effects of smoking or vaping CBD flower takes about 15-20 minutes and can last as long as 3 -4 hours.

The easiest way to consume CBD flower is by rolling it into a joint, or smoking in a bong. If you want to avoid inhalation of hemp then vaping is the other alternative you can try.

CBD flower vaporizers can cost anywhere from $50 to $300 but they are worth the investment.

By vaporizing the terpenes and cannabinoids without carbonizing the flower, the consumer receives all the entourage effects of the residual cannabinoids and terpenes and other compounds gassing off without the harshness of inhaling smoke from combusted plant matter.

Another advantage of vaping or even smoking dried CBD flower is that you don’t have to worry about any of the potentially harmful additives found in CBD vape pens.

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CBD Shouldn’t Be the Only Focus

Most CBD is distilled from processing parts of the hemp plant into pulp, then processing the CBD contained within that pulp into concentrate.

But many companies that sell CBD do not sell CBD from the “whole-plant”  which contains the full spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.

According to the British Journal of Pharmacology, there is evidence that consuming a “whole plant” spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, THC, and CBD is more effective than just consuming the isolated CBD or THC.

This is due to the residual THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids having a positive effect in getting the CBD molecule to the endocannabinoid receptors. This is known as the Entourage Effect.

Is Smoking CBD Flower the Best Option For You?

The biggest thing when deciding whether or not to experiment with CBD flower is to make sure the product is clearly labelled and that it is from a trusted source. Needle Rock CBD is one supplier that meets these requirements. Their CBD is grown from soil grown and spring water fed hemp plants that contain less the 0.3% THC.

If you are looking for fast relief in the short term, then inhaling CBD flower can be very beneficial.

Keep in mind that there are many other methods of consuming CBD including transdermal patches and tinctures.

For more information on CBD and its benefits check out this article here. And remember there are CBD flowers for sale at Needle Rock CBD.

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