What’s the Best Time of the Day to Take CBD Oil? (Answered – 2019)

Best Time of the Day to Take CBD Oil Is…?

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The best time of the day to take CBD oil is whenever it is most convenient for you. Everyone is affected by CBD in their own unique way depending on how much your endocannabinoid system needs the CBD, as well as how it is taken, and a host of other factors that we are going to go through for you right now.

Best Time to Take CBD Oil? (Answered)

One of the most common questions that we hear from those who are new to CBD (cannabidiol) is when the best time to take their CBD oil is. They are usually wondering if there is an optimal time of the day to take your CBD dosage.  For most people, the best time to take CBD oil revolves around your routine and your family’s routines and the most important thing is to be consistent with your dosing.

Let’s take a deeper look at when the best time of the day is to take CBD oil. There are a few considerations you must think about as you plan your routine and find the right time to consume your daily CBD oil as well as the right serving size. We need to figure out what is best for your schedule and particular health needs. Our goal is to discover what the best time to take it is.

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As such, there isn’t one particular time that is best during the day to take your CBD oil dosage. However, as you go further into your CBD regime you might find that you experience certain effects that make it better to take it before bed, or right when you wake up. If you find CBD products give you an energy boost, then consider taking it in the morning perhaps with breakfast. Or maybe you find CBD relaxes you and if that’s the case then nighttime might be the perfect time of the day for you to take your CDB oil dosage. Maybe its both day and night for you.

Your body will naturally tell you after a few days using cannabidiol when the best time to take your CBD oil is. There are many who prefer to take their CBD three times a day at meals and this works well for them.

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When should you take your CBD oil? It depends on your health needs and how deficient you might be in endocannabinoids you can decide the ideal time to take CBD. Many people find that taking their CBD once a day works the best. CBD actually builds up in the body fat and bloodstream and  improves the endocannabinoid system with every dose, so taking too much CBD isn’t possible.

The effects of CBD last for approximately 4-8 hours but some people say they can notice the effects up to 12 hours. How long it lasts depends on how much you take at a time, how you take it, as well as your particular body composition. It usually takes a bit of experimentation to figure out what the best time of day to take CBD is for you. Another factor is the CBD Quality.

Should I Talk to my Doctor Before Using CBD Hemp Oil?

There are many different reasons why your physician might think that hemp oil is a good fit for you. CBD interacts with the bodies endocannabinoid system, which regulates appetite, mood, sleep, pain, and immune responses. When the body absorbs CBD, it augments the body’s own naturally occurring endocannabinoids. This increases the endocannabinoids ability to keep the body in balance.

Many studies have shown that this balancing effect has a positive effect on seizure activity, reduces anxiety levels, manages pain levels, and protects the bodies neuron structure. In short, CBD works!

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Your General Practioner may be up to speed on CBD oil products and its benefits, and he may not be. The truth is that because cannabis and hemp were illegal for so long, the health system is way behind when it comes to CBD research. But as well know there are millions of people worldwide who are benefiting from the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

It’ s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before making any drastic changes to your health regime. Just make sure he is up to speed on CBD first. Otherwise, a homeopathic doctor may be a better solution. Be sure to ask about any potential side effects CBD might have if you are taking other medications. We do not claim that CBD can prevent any disease, but it works very well with many ailments.

Once CBD is evaluated by the FDA we will see a huge increase in the production and consumption of CBD oils.

Does CBD Energize You or Relax You?

Does CBD give you a splash of energy? This occurs in many people who take CBD regularly. On the other hand, many also claim that CBD leaves them feeling relaxed, and gives them a very calm feeling. Each individual is different depending on how their body health is currently. A good first step, however, is to watch to see how CBD affects you. Heightened energy levels or calming sedation.

We have seen people take different CBD products during the day, one to energize them, and one for nighttime, one for stress etc. By experimenting with different brands, a person can dial in the right type and schedule for themselves.

What’s the Difference in CBD Oils?

You will hear CBD is referred to as either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum oils. Each has its own merits and unique set of cannabinoids and terpenes. These compounds work together and are known as The Entourage Effect. Essentially, this means they all work together to provide the health benefits that CBD is well-known for now. The different terpenes have different effects as in the case of Myrcene which has a sedating effect.

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If you want the full effect of CBD, then I suggest you try full spectrum CBD first. Then try broad-spectrum. Both have their merits and it will be up to you which ones work the best for you. For a complete guide to everything, CBD check out this Ultimate CBD Guide

What’s the Best Way to Take CBD

If you take your CBD sublingually in the morning, you may feel it start to wear off around noon in which case a little CBD Booster might be in order. Perhaps try a different method such as a transdermal patch or a dissolvable capsule to get your dose of hemp oil. All these methods work just fine and it’s only the length of time they take to hit the brain that is different.

The Best Time of the Day to Take CBD Is……. the Morning?

CBD works. Of that, there is no doubt anymore. Unsurprisingly, most people prefer to take their CBD first thing in the morning at the same time they are taking any other supplements or medications. It makes sense to take it with your breakfast as it adds another way to incorporate CBD into your regime by adding it to your food.

It really boils down to individual taste and when you are going to remember to take your CBD dose. I prefer one dropper in the am and one dropper in the pm about 30 minutes before bed.

Special Note: CBD Before and After Workouts and Sports

One special note about taking cannabidiol CBD before a workout or after a workout or sports activity. Many athletes swear by it saying that the CBD helps their bodies stay healthier and recover quicker while keeping them feeling centred and focused. Athletes have expressed that CBD makes them feel more fluid in their activities and we are seeing many top stars vouch for the merits of CBD recently.

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The goal of taking CBD post and pre-workout is to help the body perform at its highest levels and reducing the time it takes to receiver form the stress of working out. Some think CBD even helps promote muscle growth but there is not enough evidence of that yet.

The World Anti-Doping Authority even took CBD off of their list of prohibited substances.

Conclusion:When Is the Best Time of the Day to Take CBD Oil?

Just like there isn’t one best CBD product for everyone, there is not a one-best time to take CBD oil either. The cannabinoid and terpene profile of your product and the dose you take can influence when and how often you should take CBD. Paying attention to these factors and the effects you feel can help you find a schedule that works best for you.

The best way to figure out what dose works best for you is to start with the lowest dose possible and increase it until you reach the desired level of relief. If you’ve never used any type of cannabis product before, starting with a low dose of around 2.5 mg. Would be ideal. If you use CBD regularly, you may not experience any results until you reach doses upwards of 25mg.

We wish you the best in your pursuit of optimum health. If you like to read more about your CBD journey and its benefits you can go to this article 10 Health Benefits of CBD.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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