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Buy CBD Oil from Needle Rock CBD! Purchase from a trusted source of 100% organic, all natural CBD products. Our plants are grown in soil and spring water fed just like nature intended.

Needle Rock CBD is a high quality, full spectrum, hemp extract formulation, intended to improve your health and help manage many common ailments. CBD can help manage, prevent, and even possibly cure a variety of ailments. Needle Rock CBD produces the very best CBD oils, tinctures, patches, and tablets, available anywhere. Needle Rock CBD is non-psychoactive.

Certain NeedleRock CBD products contain 0.3% or less of THC, which means it can show up in a drug test. These products are: * Tinctures, * Body Balm, * Flower.

Certain Needle Rock CBD contain ZERO THC: * Patches, * Pills. So no THC would show up in a drug test.

All Needle Rock CBD hemp extracts are third-party lab tested for purity and contain no pesticides. You can be confident when you buy Needle Rock CBD Oil online that you are getting the very best CBD products for you and your family. Visit our Facebook page or for more information on CBD read What is CBD?.  To learn more about our company you can check out our About page here.