I Gave My 10-Year Old Dog Some CBD Oil. This Is What Happened.

I Gave My 10-Year Old Dog Some CBD Oil. This Is What Happened.

I Gave My 10-Year Old Staffie CBD For Dogs. This Is What Happened.

I have a 10-year-old Staffie named Jersey, that has been having back, knee, and hip issues. Over the last couple of years, she had lost her mobility to the point where she could barely get out of bed. She could barely make it out the door to go potty without her back legs collapsing. She would yelp when I would try to pick her up.

But after discovering CBD for Pets from Needle Rock CBD, Jersey is a changed dog. And I mean for the better too. CBD for dogs is a wonderful thing. Here is a bit more of our CBD journey.

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Jersey wasn’t doing so well. For quite some time here back hip and legs had been causing her grief. And things had gotten much worse. most of the time we found her laying in her bed, looking sad or bored, and definitely in a lot of pain.

She couldn’t walk barely and she would often enough just go to the bathroom where she laid. It was heart-wrenching to think we would have to put her down. We had had her since birth and we had two of her puppies still living with us. Jersey had ruled our house for a decade and nobody knew what to do if she wasn’t there. She was our rock.

We took her to a chiropractor and found out that she has two vertebrae that are trying to fuse together in her back. She also has arthritis in her right knee and from overcompensating her left side of her body, her left hip is going out also. We did 6 sessions of laser therapy and it helped her temporarily.

Pain meds were turning her into a zombie and it seemed like she had no quality of life. I became determined to find something else to make her more comfortable. So onto the internet, I ventured. There were so many sites for dogs I was quickly overwhelmed.

But one thing kept popping up all over the place. It was cannabidiol oil. Or CBD oil as many know it.

CBD for Dogs?

I had heard about CBD oil and decided to do some research to find the best kind of CBD for my Jersey girl. After a few days of research, I kept going back to the Needle Rock CBD site and checking out their CBD products for pets page and finally decided to try out their brand.

Needle Rock CBD really broke down their product for me and told me what the safest CBD products were, which CBD products were the most effective, plus potential side effects and the benefits of CBD oil for dogs when taken regularly, and even how to dose correctly for our furry friends, and so I chose them. They hid nothing from me. The website really helped me understand what I should be looking for in a good CBD oil for pet pain management and more importantly how it works.

Not all hemp oils are the same, however. You want a high-quality CBD oil with minimum amounts of THC in it. CBD from industrial hemp is excellent because it contains full spectrum CBD in large enough quantities to interact with the endocannabinoid system, but it has only trace amounts of THC so it won’t get your dog high.

Having a bit of THC is necessary to make the CBD work at its optimum, and hemp fits the bill perfectly. Combined with Needle Rock CBD’s philosophy around sustainable gardening practices and just their down-home nature, in general, made it an easy choice for me.

98 - I Gave My 10-Year Old Dog Some CBD Oil. This Is What Happened.

My dog started taking Needle Rock CBD for Pets oil about 4 months ago. By the second day, she was a different dog. There was such a huge difference I could barely believe my eyes.

I Gave My 10-Year Old Dog Some CBD Oil. This Is What Happened.

She was up and out of her bed and frolicking with my other dogs like she used to. She was a dog again. And now after 4 months, she is as healthy as she can be at her age. She prances around the yard like she is a puppy again. It’s beautiful to watch her being happy.

I still give her the same dose, about .25 ml every morning, and it has worked wonderfully for Jersey, and for me too. Having your dog suffer is a tough road and thankfully for Needle Rock CBD for Pets, I was able to give Jersey girl some more happy time here on earth.

Now Jersey plays with her toys again. Her life has really turned for the better since we starting giving her regular CBD doses. There is a place for veterinary medicine, of that there is no doubt. But CBD has worked so well for the dog that I had to write this article.

I may sound like I am selling CBD for their company here, but the truth is that I just cannot praise this company enough for making such a helpful product and I just hope this review helps other dog owners and other pet owners too, to discover CBD for their loved ones too.

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